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A digital-first  Wealth Management Cloud Solutions optimized for rapid innovation, ability to scale, and agility when you need it most. Connect your front, middle, and back office around the client. Engage clients with personalized digital experiences and advice at every phase of their journey.


Evolve to meet growing client expectations
Using our wealth management cloud solutions

Modern investors require more than ever from their wealth management ,advisors and wealth management firms.
They expect personalized, digital-first experiences delivered with a focus on simplicity.

Portfolio Management Tools

Our PaaS solutions offer robust portfolio management tools that allow advisors to create and manage investment portfolios tailored to their clients' financial goals and risk tolerance. These tools often include portfolio rebalancing, asset allocation optimization, and performance tracking.

Client Communication and Collaboration

Our PaaS facilitate seamless communication between advisors and clients. Features like secure messaging, document sharing, and real-time collaboration tools that enable advisors to engage with their clients more effectively and keep them informed about their financial strategies.

Financial Planning and Goal Tracking

Our solutions typically include financial planning modules that help advisors assess their clients' financial situations, set goals, and develop strategies to achieve those goals. Advisors can track progress over time and make necessary adjustments.

Risk Assessment and Management

Our Solutions include risk assessment tools that help advisors gauge clients' risk tolerance and align investment strategies accordingly. These tools can provide insights into potential risks and help advisors develop strategies to mitigate them

Data Analytics and Reporting

Our PaaS often feature advanced analytics capabilities that allow advisors to analyze investment performance, generate detailed reports, and present data-driven insights to clients. These analytics can aid in making informed decisions and demonstrating the value of advisory services.

Automation and Efficiency

Our PaaS solutions aim to reduce manual tasks and administrative burdens for advisors. Automation features includes account opening, digital marketing, document management, billing, and compliance processes, leading to improved operational efficiency.

Integration with Third-Party Services

Our PaaS solutions offer integrations with external financial data sources, market research tools, AI, ML and CRM systems enabling advisors to access a broader range of information and provide more comprehensive services.

Client Onboarding and Engagement

Our PaaS platform include features that facilitate the onboarding process for new clients, making it smoother and faster. Wealth managers can enhance client engagement through personalized dashboards and interactive experiences.

Scalability and Flexibility

Our PaaS solution are designed to scale with the growth of an advisory practice. Advisors can add new clients, customize services, and adapt the platform to changing business needs.

Education and Training

Our PaaS provides training resources, webinars, and educational content to help advisors make the most of the platform's features and stay up-to-date with industry trends.

Learn how to fast-forward
digital innovation to put clients first.

Learn how to fast-forward
Wealth Manager's Efficiency.

Innovate at speed.

Wow your clients, and grow your firm with a single connected platform for wealth and asset management. See how our platform can help wealth managers improve performance and productivity.

Deliver rich experiences every time.

We invest in our wealth management advisors success to help improve client experiences. Build trusted client relationships from day one with timely, personalized experiences on any channel and at every touchpoint.
See how one firm got 90% of wealth managers to adopt our new digital technology.

Grow Your Business On A Trusted Platform.

  • Quickly deliver smart and engaging client experiences that respond to changing business needs.
  • Address a wider array of financial and investment needs.
  • Understand each client’s complete financial picture and goals with a comprehensive view of their interests, investments, and relationships.
  • Engage clients with personalized digital experiences and advice at every phase of their journey.
  • Design digital experiences with built-in security and trust.


Prepare for a world of new revenue streams.

Our technology has the potential to reshape the entire financial services industry. It boosts wealth management advisor’s productivity, creates new growth opportunities, and increases transparency so wealth managers can deliver better client experiences.


A simple, secure way to view and share your client data internally across lines of business, channels, and geographies A network of external partnerships that generate appointments and maximize value for you and your clients. 


Accelerate integration. Learn how wealth managers can achieve more by integrating CRM and goals-based platforms. 

Get the how and why behind building an open financial services platform with APIs.

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Insurance companies face pressure from agile Insurance technology, new distribution models, and the ongoing challenges. To get ahead, successful insurers are fast-forwarding with our platform to their digital innovation to put clients at the center of every insurance experience.
Empower producers to build
client’s trust.

Clients have come to expect the speed and convenience of digital interactions. Consequently, wealth managers, distribution producers, brokers, and producers need agile technology that can meet industry challenges today, and for the foreseeable future.

Our platform help you:

Streamline processes to manage increased volume
Scale operations quickly from a single, connected platform
Boost productivity with help from AI

Accelerate change in insurance distribution.

Learn how technology and insurance technology are influencing distribution strategies. When your life and annuity clients need you, give them your all. No complicated software. No distractions. Just human connection when it matters most — online and off. 

Become resilient after COVID-19.

Learn how the global pandemic is fueling digital insurance transformation.

Learn how agencies are using our
Wealth management cloud Solutions to boost productivity and grow


Our platform help you:

As client expectations increase so does the pace of work. Knocking down silos and automating processes can boost productivity and accuracy, and free insurers to focus on complex tasks. Enable agility, speed, and trust through digital transformation.

Learn how to:

Optimize claims intake with data and analytics, and collaboration improve accuracy with AI and automation designed for insurance provide efficient, omni-channel service under high volume that transform the broker experience.

Automate to accelerate.

Learn how insurance industry leaders are using digital portals. See how to streamline insurance from quoting to claims. Simplify processes.


Put clients at the center of every experience.

A client-centric core platform for insurance is the fastest path to become an agile innovator. View the resources below to 

learn how to:

Increase client satisfaction and retention in a highly competitive market
uplevel digital processes and launch new products faster achieve operational excellence with a client-first approach and deliver modern digital experiences.Learn how wealthcloud360 redefined the client journey using technology.

Drive financial services with innovation and technology.

See how our wealth managers are transforming automotive wealth management digital platform to transform people’s lives.

questions on wealth management cloud solutions?

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When your life and annuity clients need you, give them your all. No complicated system. No distractions. Just human connection when it matters most — online and off.

Here’s how we power life and annuity insurance innovation.

Challenges Meet Solutions.

Get the specialized smart technology your financial services business needs most to thrive and grow.

Automated Underwriting

Unleash powerful digital capabilities to become your broker’s preferred partner. Streamline the underwriting process, boost productivity, and unlock insights across your entire organization, all on a single, connected platform.

Quote, Rate, and Apply

Get a competitive edge with rapid deployment using agile, digital quote-to-bind processes.

Contact Center

Reduce handle times and make new representatives more efficient with guided transactions.

Claims Management

Personalize the policyholder experience and manage the entire claims lifecycle.

Learn more about life and annuity insurance transformation.

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Unite your teams, serve clients better, and meet your goals with the right solutions.

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